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The Minnesota Stars are the first organized electric wheelchair [PowerHockey™] team in the United States. In 1993, the Minnesota Stars became the first North American team to compete in Europe, traveling to Erlangen, Germany for a tournament featuring teams from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Slovenia.

In 1995, the Stars, as an exhibition team, competed in the Canadian Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association National Championships, held in Toronto. The following year the Stars were invited to the CEWHA National Championships, held in Calgary, and again in 1998 in London, Ontario.

The Minnesota Stars friendly association with the CEWHA, continued in 2000, as the team traveled to Toronto for the CEWHA National Championships. The Stars had their most successful tournament to date, as they brought home the North American Cup. The Stars also won the U.S. Invitational Cup, by defeating the Michigan All-Stars. The trip was capped when the Stars own Chris Kram was named Tournament Most Valuable Player, the first time a U.S. player was eligible to win the award.

The Stars look forward to competing for the PowerHockey World Cup, and being able to play a tournament in their home state. The founding members of the Stars are also the creators of the U.S. Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association (U.S. EWHA).


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